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$500 Flat Fee Plan

Sometimes, an owner prefers to handle the sale entirely themselves but wishes to tap the power of the MLS (Multiple Listing Service) and major online real estate sites like Zillow, Trulia,,, etc.  For a flat fee of $500 Real Estate New York group. will list your home in the MLS  including up to ten pictures that you provide. 

That is our total fee.  However, it is essential to offer a sub -agency commission in the listing to the agent who brings in a contract.   This fee is typically 2.25% to 2.5% of the sale price and is only due upon a successful closing (as opposed to our $500 fee which is paid up front).  If this fee is not offered, agents have no incentive to promote your listing over other MLS listings that have the typical 2.25% to 2.5% sub-agency offer included.

All calls will be directed to you, as you are solely responsible for presenting the details of your home in the listing and to the buyer's agents who show your home.*   You will be acting in the capacity of your own listing agent.

When a contract is written you will negotiate your position with the buyer's agent.  When a deal is struck, you will need to perform the duties of a listing broker and work with the buyer's agent to handle the details of the processing phase up to (and sometimes beyond) the closing. 

That's it.  Need more information?  Call 518-312-4030 ext #1 or 888-749-3384 (toll free) and speak to our principal Realtor broker Dennis Maier.  Or email at:

*If you are not available to show your home, Real Estate New York group will provide an electronic lock box for your front door.  Agents will then call our showing desk to schedule a showing appointment either by arrangement with you or as a blanket "Go and Show" permission.