We are offering a 1% discount on all of our commission. example 6% Maximum Marketing Program would be 5%*

Real Estate New York group Commission Examples. All commissions are negotiable.

Full Service
The Best Choice for selling real estate fast. (see Marketing Plan)

5 1/2%

Buying & Selling
Full Service as above but 1/2% less if you also buy through Real Estate New York group
4 1/2 %
Less Ads
Full service Minus the twice weekly newspaper ads*
2 1/2%
Our Buyers
This program markets to our buyers only (but we have hundreds)
No Frills
Flat fee paid up front. Lists the property in the Multiple Listing Service (details)
With the exception of the $500 flat fee program brokerage fees are due only when your property sells.
There are no other costs associated with these plans. You may cancel at any time.


For more information, contact Dennis Maier at 518-225-3424 or DennisM@RENY.net


*The property does not need to sell by this date only be listed.