Best Home BuyerOwning the best home at the best price with the least amount of stress starts with your personal buyer broker.
He or she will guide you every step of the way to your new home with an expertise found only in brokers with years of area experience* and a reputation to match.

Here are the steps:

Search: The best homes for sale are gone in days, often to the first person to view them.
Our FIRST LOOK* system automatically emails all listings that meet your requirements the moment they are listed and well before they appear in print or on TV or on any agent's hot sheet. This gives you the first best choice on every new house for sale listing.

Buyer Broker: This is the NYS Department of State designation given to an agent acting solely in the interest of the you, the buyer. Read more about Buyer Broker

Negotiations: Here an experienced negotiator is worth their weight in gold to make sure you do not pay a penny more than the least the seller will accept for their home for sale.

Showings Homes for Sale


Processing Period: a mine field of lawyers, appraisers, inspectors, mortgage lenders, government agencies, and trades people. Here the contingencies play out all the way to the closing table without a hitch—in a perfect world, that is. In the real world deals derail almost every time. You buyer broker can put things back on track and prevent all your hard work and expense from being wasted.


Afterwards: even after the closing your buyer broker is there to help with arranging services, grieving tax assessments, and to keep you posted on the current value of your home versus other houses for sale presently on the market so that you will always be able to sell for the maximum profit.



Negotiate Real Estate SalesFor additional information on owning your new home for sale view our 5 minute Flash presentation entitled:

The Best Home for Sale at the Best Price



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*average years experience of Real Estate New York group Brokers is presently 24 years. This means he or she has the area knowledge and reputation to help you own the best home at the best price.