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Buyer Broker: without cost or obligation exclusively at Real Estate New York group

This means that your licensed Buyer Broker Realtor works for you exclusively, not the seller.

This is important because the interests of the seller and buyer rarely coincide and are often at odds.  Naturally, both are trying to get the best deal for themselves.

Negotiating House for SaleBut until recently all realty agents worked for the seller.  No one represented the buyer, though this was not apparent. Often, home buyers would presume the agent showing them a home for sale or that they met at open house for sale was on their side when they were actually working for the seller.   No wonder the buyer was often confused and disappointed when they found out that they were not being represented at all.

Over the years, buyers (mainly) lodged complaints with the Department of State.
As a remedy the Buyer Broker designation was legislated so that the you, the buyer, would have your own professional representation.  

We love it. Buyers love it.  And why not?  It's the best deal in town and it costs you nothing.

You get all the benefits of a qualified broker to handle the entire home ownership process in your best interestes.

To name a few: Mortgage Qualification, so that they know what a particular home for sale will cost and what they can afford comfortably.

House for Sale Hunting, your broker seeks homes for sale that meet your exact requirements from the Multiple Listing Service and other sources such as For Sale By Owners (FSBO's) and their own personal database.  They make the appointments, often chauffeuring husband, wife, kids, grandparents and pets to the houses for sale (even buying lunches).   As the hunt continues, your broker focuses in on what you like and don't like.  This allows for a more effective search.  When new houses for sale come on the market your Realtor broker makes sure you have the first option. This alone has resulted in many buyers getting the best home for the best price with less stress.  

When an interesting house for sale is found, your Realtor broker is there to point out not only the positive aspects of the house but the negative as well.  (A seller's agent, on the other hand, is required by law to push their clients property without regard for your interests.)

realtors agreeingWhen you've found just the right property for sale, your broker draws up a contract favoring the your position and negotiates the best possible price and terms on your behalf--always in accord with the your wishes.  

Next comes the home inspection.  Here your Realtor broker can recommend a good ASHI inspector and see to it that the inspection is done in a timely manner, with you present.  If any problems are found, your broker will re-negotiate the deal so that all major issues are put in order.  

In a perfect world, once the inspection is competed and the home certified to your satisfaction, there would be nothing to do for a few weeks (while the mortgage is being processed) but wait to move in.  However, in the real world, problems often occur.  Nowhere is it more true that what can go wrong will go wrong in a real estate transaction.  This is where your broker can often save the day.  What goes off track can be put back on track and the home saved.   Key to home for sale


An important point: your broker will do everything to make sure you are totally satisfied.  Not just because it is his or her duty under the law but because they hope to win the you as a life-long customer.  When the present new home is sold for the next new home, your broker wants to be the one you call first.   This is how successful careers are made.   Any broker that's been in the real estate business more than a few years knows this. 

New House for saleFinally, the big day comes and everyone sits down at the closing table.  All the months of work are forgotten.  Here the home is deeded to you and your heirs forever, or until your next new home.  Your broker tenders his most sincere congratulations (no one appreciates your efforts more) and walks away with one of the most satisfying experiences in business: helping people own their own home. This is why we do it.  

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