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Since 1972 we have been serving the needs of home owners (and those that intend to be) like you.  Our satisfied customers number in the thousands (see recommendations for a sample).  

Of course, every real estate brokerage can point to jobs well done.  What makes us better than the rest?  

Okay, modesty aside, let me explain:

First, Our agents and brokers.  This is what the company is really all about.  Our clients always receive personal attention of the highest professional standards in the industry.  Prove it?  Happy to do so.  

1) Education.  On average our brokers receive a greater level of education than any other office in New York State.  This includes not only real estate training but also extensive training in professional appraisal practices as well as home construction and inspection.  In other words, our brokers are not just trained to sell but to know what they sell and how much it's worth.   How important is that to you?

2) And speaking of Brokers, we have more brokers (as opposed to sales associates) on average than any other area company.  The difference is much like that of an apprentice versus a master craftsman.  Why settle for an apprentice when you can work with a master craftsman?

3) We have the technology edge. Every one of our brokers works with their own state of the art computer systems.  This allows us to maximize our efforts on your behalf. 

4) Resources.  Like any other business, our level of service is dependant on resources.  In other words, if we lack the resources our level of service drops.  If we have strong backing our level of service rises.  Naturally.  But how do we make this happen when we charge the same or less than everyone else to sell and nothing at all to purchase a home?   The answer is efficiency.  We have done away with everything and everyone that does not provide direct service to you.   We eliminated expensive offices, clerical staff, managers, etc.   And we own the company so there are no stockholders or franchise fees to drain resources.  In short, the more money we save on incidentals the more we have to get the job done.  

5) Dedication.  We own the company.  And like the old homily: "He serves best when he serves himself." it matters to us individually that you are a satisfied customer. 

6) Innovation.  Besides being the premier Internet-base real estate company in New York State, we continually improve our operation by seeking out the better way.  And while I'd like to continue tooting our own horn (Yes, we're proud of our company) we cannot take all the credit for our continued innovation. The fact is that we appropriate anything anyone else is doing anywhere in the world that looks good and may improve our service.  In fact, if you have any suggestions, we would be interested in hearing them (our new fat-free streamlined website is a result of user comments).

7) Communication.  We listen.  If you tell us you want a four-bedroom, two and a half bath colonial in Latham we will not try to sell you a ranch in Niskayuna.  If you're selling your home we will not try to low-ball you so it's easier to sell--at your expense.  

And we're here for you.  In compliance with Chapter 153 of the Laws of 2022 Real Estate New York does not require prerequisites for prospective homebuyers. 

Is that enough reasons?  If not, and you still aren't sure we're the best around, just give us a call or contact us by email .  Because in the end, this isn't about technology, it's not even about property, it's about people just like you and me.