Dennis J. Maier
Principal Realtor Broker

I don't really sell houses; rather, I help you own the Best Home at the Best Price..
Let me explain:

Buying a new home for sale is challenging enough without some pushy salesperson trying to sell you a house you don't want just to pick up another commission.

Homes are expensive, often representing the majority of a family's financial worth. The choices you make today will strongly affect your standard of living for decades to come.

I'm here to help make those choices more dependable, more advantageous, and easier.

I do this by providing Certified Buyer Broker representation. This means painting the full true picture of the house for sale instead of withholding facts that might cost another salesperson a sale.

As your Licensed Buyer Broker I work for you, not the seller. I will search every house for sale on the market to find the homes that offer the best value that fits your needs. When we find the right one I will negotiate the best price and terms and see the transaction successfully through to closing.

I will never try to persuade you to buy any particular home for sale--ever. There will always be another choice down the road, I know that. Just as I know that the right home is out there for you. We'll find it. I know that because of the thousands of gratifying closings I've effected in my thirty-four plus years in real estate.

Simply put, I've built my Realtor reputation on helping people like you own the best home at the best price and why I am never desperate to sell you just any old house.

And while many successful agents tend to be very busy and unavailable, I'll be there for you, on your side, seven days a week from 9:00 AM to 9:00 PM.

No, I don't have any more hours in my day than anyone else, I just use mine to better advantage. For instance:

First Look finds the home you want. Our First Look System automatically emails the best new homes for sale listings--24/7 the moment they are listed--with maps and pictures so you can decide which homes you want to see and which you can eliminate right from your computer. This gives you first choice on the best new listings.

In addition, the bid process itself is computerized so your offer gets in before anyone else's.

However, no computer will ever replace, in-depth area knowledge, experience, and hard work. Our technological arsenal are just tools to expedite the task and to free up my time to work more diligently with you.

All this adds up to the best home at the best price with less stress. Here are a few referrals and my reviews on Zillow

Dennis J Maier

Principal Realtor Broker
Real Estate New York group
(518) 225-3424 Direct Cell and Text

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