Dennis J. Maier
Principal Realtor Broker

Selling a home is often the most important single financial decision most people will ever make.  The Realtor® you choose to market your home for sale often makes the difference between just getting by (or ending up with nothing but an expired listing) and being able to realize your plans in the way you intend.  Selling houses in this market is a challenge, at best.  Here’s why Real Estate New York group and I provide the highest value for your marketing dollar.  

Professional experience:
Fortunate to be born into a real estate family, in that most of my relations are outstanding professional Realtors.

1972 First License Chicago, IL.  Principal: Landmark Realty

1981 New York City, NY.  Principal: Broadway Real Estate, inc.

1991 Albany, NY. Principal: The Albany Professional Team, inc.

1995 New York City, NY. Principal: Real Estate New York

The above history outlines a lifetime of professional experience. It means that I have the knowhow to maximize your largest single investment.  It means that whatever the situation, I’ve been there before and have a solution at hand.  But all the experience in the world is meaningless unless a deep commitment to your needs takes precedence.   I never forget that I am working for you.

While the bottom line, how much profit is realized on your house sale, is essential, selling a home can be a frustrating experience—especially if the house for sale is your own home.  Unscheduled showings can disrupt any semblance of a peaceful home life.  Worse, lack of feedback leaves you in the dark without essential information needed for the upcoming move.  Price reductions deflates hopes for the proceeds.  Home listings that languor on the market without a reasonable offer can wreck the best laid plans of any owner.

In addition, marketing costs (commissions) take a big chunk out of the profits. I expect to add at least the cost of the commission to your bottom line.  For instance, owners who sell a home on their own typically receive between 10% and 14% less than market value of their property when sold by Realtors.  Paying a good Realtor 6% or 7% is then a no-brainer in terms of improved bottom line.  But I often get my sellers 20% to 25% more than they could on their own and another 8% to 10% over what other brokers or agents can manage. 

The process is simple:

Put the house for sale on the market at the highest attainable price—not a low-ball price that will make it easy to sell.
This is where experience really pays off.  No amount of training or education alone can provide the experience necessary to properly value a real estate asset.  New York State recognizes this issue by requiring appraisers to have 3,000 hours and 30 months of experience.  But real estate appraisers consider only sold comparables.  And while an historic house sales perspective is helpful to properly value a home for sale the current market conditions are paramount.  Only experience in the housing market on a daily basis over many years can provide this expertise.   

Market the property for maximum exposure.
No other Realtor does as much to market your property.  Guaranteed.  Marketing Program

Negotiate all offers to your advantage both in price and terms
If experience in pricing and marketing are essential, the ability to negotiate the best price and terms for you the seller is indispensable.  This is where I earn my commission and more for you.      

Sheppard the deal through to closing.  Brokering the best deal in town is meaningless unless the deal closes.
Knowing about the construction and maintenance of a home for sale beforehand often heads off issues on the structural inspection.  A thorough knowledge of the legal process keeps dangerous liability issues at bay.  Keeping abreast of the lender climate not only prevents unqualified buyers from tying up the sale but also keeps the deal on track.     
Finally, all the experience and knowledge in the world mean nothing unless implicit trust is present.  I have never had a dissatisfied client.  Here are a few referrals. and my profile on Zillow. Beyond that is our Code of Ethics it says a lot about who we are and what we stand for.

You be the judge.  Call or email and let’s talk.  Or better yet, I’d love to see your property and I offer a free market analysis without obligation of any kind to let you know what you can expect to realize on a sale in the current market

Dennis J Maier
Principal Realtor Broker
Real Estate New York group
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