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Colonial Sold December 2014 $117,50 3 Bedroom, 2 Bath 1-car garage 1,898 Square Feet

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About Hadley

Hadley, New York is a town in northern Saratoga County with an area of 41 square miles. The population was 1,972 as of the 2000 census.

Demographics: There were 730 households as of the 2000 census. Ethnicity: 98% European Origin, less than 2% African American, Asian, Native American, African, Hispanic or Latino, or other







History: The first residents of the area were the Mohawk, Oneida, Onondaga, Cayuga, and Seneca Native Americans. In this fertile valley the tribes Bear, Turtle, and Wolf clans grew corn (maze), beans and squash. They supplemented their diets with wild fruits and berries in addition to hunting and fishing.

Mohawk, Oneida, Onondaga, Cayuga, and Seneca nations

Phelps Bay at the juncture of the Sacandaga and Hudson Rivers was known as "Ti-o-sa-ron-da" or meeting of the waters

Phelps Bay Hadley New York

In 1767 Edward and Ebenezer Jessup received a land grant from King George for what now includes the towns of Corinth, Luzerne and Hadley. They built sawmills at "The Big Falls" on the Hudson and named it Jessup's Landing (now Corinth,NY).

Money Rock Hadley NY

in 1775 the brothers, staunch Tories, made plans to flee the wrath of American Revolutionaries. Legend has it that they buried their treasure near what is today known as Money Rock in Hadley.

In 1788 Richard Hilton arrived in Hadley and built his homes in the Conklingville area which was flooded by the creation of the Conklingville Dam.

Alexander Stewart settled on the bank of the Hudson in 1790

Rockwell Falls Fiber Company Hadley NY

In 1878 Charles Rockwell started the Rockwell Falls Fiber Company. The Union Bag Dam was destroyed to build the Conklingville Dam. The mill (pictured above) was demolished in 1923.

In 1801 Town of Hadley was formed from portions of the Towns of Greenfield and Northumberland. The Town of Corinth was subtracted from Hadley in 1818, and the Town of Day was subtracted in 1819.

Hill Top House Hadley NY

Hill Top House was built in the 1880’s by Myers VanZandt and his wife, Catherine Rockwell. It has been a sanitarium, the paper mill’s superintendent’s home, a funeral home, apartments and is now the well-known Saratoga Rose Inn and Restaurant.
Hadley NY Covered Bridge

In 1865, the Adirondack Railway reached Hadley bringing tourism and transporting paper, woodenware products, timber, and leather from the mills. The railroad trestle bridge (above) over the Sacandaga River is adjacent to the Bow Bridge.

Hadley NY Bow Bridge

The 1813 covered bridge (above) was replaced by Bow Bridge (Hadley Parabolic Bridge) in 1885 and is the last surviving example of the lenticular truss bridge

The historic bridge was restored in 2006 and is now open to traffic as a single lane bridge

The Great Sacandaga River which ran thought the southern portion of the town would often flood bringing destruction to downstate communities as far south as Albany, NY

Albany flood 1913

In 1928 a dam was constructed just east of Conklingville. The project took two years to complete at a cost of $12 million. 10 bridges needed to be constructed. 12,000 homes either relocated or destroyed. 3,872 graves would be transburied to higher ground.

Day Conklingville Dam

In 1930 the flood gates were closed and the Great Sacandaga Lake began to fill with 283 billion gallons for water.

Day Conklingville Dam

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