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Town Government

Amsterdam is a municipality in Montgomery County, New York, USA. In the 2010 census the town had a total population of 18,000 plus. The name derives from the town Amsterdam in Holland.

The municipality of Amsterdam is surrounded by to the north, east and west of the city of Amsterdam. The Mohawk River runs through the city. The bulk of city lies on the northern bank but the Port Jackson section on the south side is also portion of the city.

The town is within the initial an area of the now disbanded town of Caughnawaga constituted (as defined in "the rapids"), in northern Montgomery County in 1788.

The first Europeans who to settle here were Dutch immigrants circa 1700. They called the settlement for municipality to Veedersburgh Veeders Mills and Albert Veeder, an early mill owner, but inhabitants changed the name to Amsterdam in 1803. Expanded in 1773, Guy Guy Johnson Park, a stone Georgian mansion Home, but as a Tories, he escaped to Canada during the Revolution.

It was on the 20th as a village April 1830 by a portion of the city of Amsterdam added. New deeds in 1854, 1865 and 1875 increased the magnitude of the village. [Edit] In 1885, Amsterdam, a city that subsequently enlarged by annexing the former town of Port Jackson, who was the fifth station of the city was.

The completion of of the Erie Canal in 1825 was a commercial blessing for the city.

A causeway at the river Chuctenunda ended in 1875was able to the city an important production area, mainly to be of carpets.

In 1865, the population of Amsterdam 5135th [1] Until 1920 it was 33 524.


The city has a surface area of 6.3 square miles (16.3 km ²), from those, 5.9 square miles (15.4 km ²) of it is real estate and 0.3 square miles (0.9 km ²) of it is water. The total area amounts to 5.41% water.

The Mohawk River, along with the Erie Canal, runs across the southern part of town. The river runs into the Mohawk Chuctanunda in Amsterdam.

New York State Route 30, called the north-south highway intersects Market Street partly to link the Mohawk River, the biggest portion of Amsterdam to the New York State Thruway. NY-30 also cuts east-west highways in New York State Route 5 and New York State Route 67 in the city. New York State Route 5S runs along the south side of of the Mohawk River.

Amsterdam is presently in the 21th Congress of the New York district.