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Victorian Sold $252,900 4 Bedroom, 3 1/2 Bath 2,238 Square Feet

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About Waterford

Waterford, New York is a town in southeastern Saratoga County at the confluence of the Hudson and Mohawk Rivers with an area of 7.4 square miles. The population was 8,515 as of the 2000 census.

Demographics: There were 3,497 households as of the 2000 census. Ethnicity: 97% European, less than 1% African American, and less than 2% Asian, Native American, African, Hispanic or Latino, or other

The Village of Waterford, NY is located in the southeast corner of the Town of Waterford with an area .4 square miles.
The population was 2,204 as of the 2000 census.

Demographics: There were 951 households as of the 2000 census. Ethnicity: 96% European, less than 1% African American, 1 1/2% Asian, less than 2% Native American, African, Hispanic or Latino, or other


History: The first residents of the area were the Mahican Native Americans whose ancestors inhabited the region for over 1,200 years. They called their home Seepow Mahecaniittuck referring to the Hudson and Mohawk Rivers or Nach-te-Nack referring to the fertile land north of the present Village of Waterford. These early residents farmed the alluvial flats and fished the rivers. The name Waterford refers to the shallow crossing or ford to Peebles Island from the early village (known as Haver Island until the Twentieth Century). The island was the principal village of Chief Menomine known as Menomine's Castle for its fortifications.

Mohawk, Oneida, Onondaga, Cayuga, and Seneca nations

The first Europeans to visit the area were likely crew members of Henry Hudson's Half Moon (anglicized from the Dutch name Halve Maan) who in 1609 travelled up river beyond the anchorage of the ship at Castle Island to Peebles Island in hopes of discovering the Northwest Passage to India and Cathay.

Waterford NY Half Moon Henry Hudson

in 1630 Patroon Kiliaen van Rensselaer of the Dutch West India Company purchased land on the west side of the Hudson including the area of the present Town of Waterford and Peebles Island as part of the Manor of Rensselaerswyck.

believed to be portrait of Kiliaen van Rensselaer

Here the Dutch made their homes in the early 1600's. In 1664 Philip Schuyler and Goosen Van Schaick purchased lands in the area in order to keep the English at bay. Later that year the English took New Netherland renaming it New York.

The area was of strategic importance in both the French and Indian Wars (1754 to 1763) and the American Revolution (1765 to 1783)

Waterford New York French and Indian Wars

In 1794 the Village of Waterford (originally called Half Moon Point) was incorporated. It is the oldest incorporated village in the United States

1807 saw the beginning of both the Erie and Champlain Canals. The Erie Canal would eventually open up Western New York and the entire Midwest to settlement and provide means to bring produce to markets on the East Coast and Europe. The Champlain Canal would open Lake Champlain and Canada.

Canal Horse

The Erie Canal originally ran 363 miles between Albany and Buffalo. The Champlain Canal 60 miles from the Hudson at Waterford to Lake Champlain

Erie Canal map

Waterford is the location of the Waterford Flight, the highest set of lift locks in the World

Waterford Flight

In 1816 the Town of Waterford as created by splitting the area known as Half Moon (Halve Maan) into the Town of Halfmoon and the Town of Waterford. In addition to abundant commerce brought by the canals Waterford saw a wealth of industrialization. Below pictured is the Button Fire Engine Factory founded by Lysander Button in 1834

Waterford NY Button Fire Engine Factory

The late Nineteenth and early Twentieth Century saw an era of prosperity not matched since although the area still hosts companies like Momentive Performance Materials, which is the largest employer in Saratoga County. Mohawk Paper Mill on the historic Kings Canal and Ursula of Switzerland.

Waterford New York

Waterford New York Town Hall and Post Office

Abundant water resources have had their downsides. The area has often flooded over the centuries

Waterford NY flood

Commemorating Waterford's historic past the town holds its annual Tugboat Roundup in September

Waterford NY Tugboat Roundup


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