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Demographics and History

The village of Voorheesville while also located in western Albany County is in the town of New Scotland in Albany County, NY, USA. The population was 2,789 at the 2010 census. The village is named after Alonzo B. Voorhees, an attorney for the railroad.

History The region was originally inhabited by farmers sent by the Rensselaer family. In the 1800's, their children rebelled against the patroon system, fomenting a Rent War.

The Albany and Susquehanna rail line and the New York, West Shore and Buffalo railroads that originated from Albany crossed in a local field. As a result the village grew up around this junction and in 1899 the village of Voorheesville was incorporated. Like Altamont the area was once a tourist attraction as a result of the passenger trains that ran out of Albany. The Friars Grove Hotel was conveniently located near the station. Next to the hotel was a brick oven bakery and a cider mill. Voorheesville was also the site of the Harris House, a tavern and hotel for the "weary traveler". Vly Creek was dammed as a swimming hole.

Geography The Village of Voorheesville occupies an area of 2.1 sq. mi. (5.5 km2), all of its area is land with the exceptiion of Vly Creek that runs through the village.

Demographics As of the 2010 Census the population was 2,788, the ethnic diversity was 96% White, 0.8% African American, 0.2% American Indian or Alaska Native, 1.5% Asian, and 0.1% Other. Of the 2,788 total population, 97 were not White alone or in combination.

The median income for a household as of 2012 was $78,913. The per capita income for the village was $34,085.

Harris House Voorheesville, NY

Harris House Hotel

Maple Avenue

Motts Cider Mill

Voorheesville School

The Vly Creek was dammed near the school to provide a swimming hole. The one room school house was razed in 1930 to build the present school Church

Voorheesville, NY Train Station

Voorheesville Depot is the intersection of D&H and New York Central Tracks. The original depot was built in 1864


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