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About Victory Mills

Victory Mills or Victory, New York is a village in eastern Saratoga County near the Hudson River. The population was 544 as of the 2000 census.

Demographics: There were 189 households as of the 2000 census. Ethnicity: 98% European, less than 2% African American, Asian, Native American, African, Hispanic or Latino, or other







History: The first residents of the area were Native Americans whose ancestors inhabited the region for 1,200 years. In this fertile valley they grew corn (maze), beans and squash. They supplemented their diets with wild fruits and berries in addition to hunting and fishing.

Mohawk, Oneida, Onondaga, Cayuga, and Seneca nations


European residents to the area were mainly Dutch migrated from Albany circa 1691. The village was incorporated in 1849. The name refers to the victory of revolutionary forces over the British at the Battle of Saratoga October 1777. The U.S. Post Office lists the village as Victory Mills in order to avoid confusion with the Town of Victory in Cayuga County, New York

The British general John Burgoyne was defeated by Philip Schuyler and Horatio Gates of the Continental Army. After their defeat the British retreated back to the village where they surrendered marking the "turning point of the Revolution." The Battle of Bemis Heights victory convinced France to support the American cause for Independence (Spain would follow) adding essential men and material to the struggle.

Victory Mills Battle of Saratoga

The Fish Creek, a tributary of the Hudson River that runs through the village, provided abundant water power for the many mills that opened in the mid 1800's

Victory Mills NY old mills

The development and expansion of the mills coincided with the Potato Famine in Ireland. As a result, many Irish Catholic immigrants found work here.

In 1850, the cotton mill employed 160 men, 209 women, working at 12,500 spindles and 309 looms and produced over 1,800,000 yards of cotton cloth. By 1877, the company employed 700 and had a capacity of 26,000 spindles with annual production of 819,988 pounds, or 4,487,190 of yards of goods.

The name Victory Mills refers to the large textile mill built by the American Manufacturing Company in 1918. The mill operated until 1929 when the facility was moved to Alabama.

Victory Mills New York mill

In addition to the Saratoga Monument (pictured at the top of the page) a monument commemorating the fallen of the Civil War was dedicated at the Prospect Hill Cemetery in 1904


The village had a strong sense of community, largely Irish Catholic. The Community House (below) was owned by the mill and used for numerous social and political events.

Victory Mills NY Community House

Garrity Family Victory Mills NY

Education has always been of great importance to the village residents. In 1872 the four room brick school pictured below was built on Pine Street.


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