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Saratoga National Historical Park

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Stillwater is a town in Saratoga County, New York. Located on the eastern border of the county along the Hudson River southeast of Saratoga Springs and adjacent to the City of Mechanicville on the south. Across the Hudson the town borders both Rensselaer and Washington counties. The town includes the village of Stillwater.


The first residents of what would become the Town of Stillwater were the Native American tribes of the Iroquois League. Here they hunted the verdant forests, fished the rivers, and grew corn, beans, and squash in the rich soil. The name Stillwater refers to the still waters of the Hudson and Hoosack Rivers where the tribes could easily cross on their journey to their summer hunting grounds.

Early European settlers used the route to travel as far north as Montreal. Later the trail became known as “The Kings Highway” portions of which can be traced in the Pine Bush Preserve today. In the early 1700's Peter Schuyler constructed Fort Ingoldsby (and its successor Fort Winslow) because of its strategic position guarding the area from the French coming down from Canada.

A replica of the block house (pictured below) was constructed from original timbers recovered from the original fort. Early French settlements date to this period.

Stillwater is known as the "Turning Point of the Revolution" because of the victorious Battle of Saratoga which was fought in the town in 1777 around Bemis Hill.

In 1823 the Champlain Canal opened bringing further prosperity to the area.

In the 1830’s railroads began to eclipse canal traffic. The Boston Hoosac Tunnel & Western and Delaware & Hudson Railroads were two of the first lines to serve the area.

The Town of Stillwater was incorporated in 1791, The village was incorporated in 1816 with Mechanicville following in 1859


As of 2000 census the town held 7,521 residents, 2,784 households, and 2,112 families living in the town. At the time, there were 3,054 homes at an average density of 74 per square mile. The ethnic heritage was 98 of European descent, less than 1% African American, Native American, Asian, Hispanic, etc.

Fort Ingoldsby Stillwater, NY

Stillwater Block House Image In: Stillwater, New York . . . Description: Reconstruction of Fort Ingoldsby

Stillwater, NY Frost Faire

Stillwater, NY Image of: Stillwater, New York . . . Description: Inspired by Frost Faires in 1700s England, the annual fair features horse-drawn carriage rides, childrens' crafts and games, contra-dancing for young and old, cannon and musket firings, and a bonfire

Champlain Canal

Stillwater NY Champlain Canal Photographed In: Stillwater, New York . . . Description: Stillwater NY Champlain Canal

The Coming of the Railroad

Stillwater NY Railroad Photographed In: Stillwater, New York . . . Description: Stillwater New York Railroad from the Mechanicville Station