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Demographics and History

Town of Niskayuna

Niskayuna, New York is a municipality in Niskayuna Co. As of the last census population exceeds 20,000 residents.  The east and north borders are delimited by the Mohawk River with the City of Niskayuna to the west and South Colonie to the south and covers approximately fifteen sq. mi.
The name Niskayuna is a corruption of the Native American "Nistigowone" or "Conistigione" meaning "extensive corn fields"

The Town of Niskayuna was established on March 7, 1809 from the town of Watervliet, with a population of 681 men, women, and children. The name derives from the Connestigione Indian term Nis-ti-go-wo-ne or Co-nis-tig-i-one translating roughly as extensive corn flats.

The council fires of the Connestigiune tribe were held about a mile south of the present village center. Here chief Ron-warrigh-woh-go-wa (meaning: the great fault finder or grumbler), expressed great concern over the influx of white settlers while dealing with them peacefully and even providing substantial aid in the war with the French Canadians. He is said to have taken greatest great delight in training the son of the settlers in the art of war.

The first settlers were from the Netherlands who chose the location as being outside the manor line to avoid the conflicting between the Patroons and the trading government of New Netherland.

Among the early families were the Clutes, Craigs, Van Vrankens, Vedders, Vroomans, Groots, Tymersons, Consauls, Pearses, Van Brookhovens, Claases, Jansens, and Kriegers.

Capt.. Martin Cregier, (1617–after 1712) was the first burgomaster of New Amsterdam, eventually settling in the town on the banks of the Mohawk River, "where the Indians carry their canoes across the stones."

Niskayuna Train Station

In 1843 Troy-Niskayuna railroad ran though the town for ten miles along the Mohawk River and Erie Canal

Troy & Schenectady Railroad overpass, Niskayuna NY

Built by the Troy and Niskayuna Railroad around 1862 the overpass crossed over the old Balltown Road.

Niskayuna Rail Station

Today the station is a popular stop along the Mohawk Hudson Bike/Hike Trail stretching 86 miles from the Erastus Corning City Preserve and ending near Little Falls NY before it resumes 26 miles later in Utica for the New York State Canalway Trail

Niskayuna circa 1890
Troy-Niskayuna Road (Route 7) circa 1890's,  Charlie Marks's blacksmith shop and home are seen.  The person in the horse and buggy rig is thought to be Nick Van Vranken Town Supervisor from 1869 to 1870.