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Washington County is nestled in the northeast part of New York State on the Vermont border to the east and the Hudson River and Lake George to the west.  The area is known for the rich farm lands of the Great Appalachian Valley between the upper  Taconic Mountains and the Adirondack Mountains covering 848 sq. miles of which of which less than 2% is water although the county is bordered by large bodies of water. 

Population as of 2010 numbered 63,218 in 22,952 homes at an average of 32/sq. mi.  Ethnic Diversity Origins: 18% Irish, 14% French,  12% English, 12% American, 9% Italian, 8% German, <1% African, <1% North American, <1% Asian, 2% Hispanic.  Average family size 3. Median Average income $38,000

History: Originally part of Albany County Washington County was first delineated on March 12, 1772 as Charlotte County.  In 1784 the name "Charlotte County" was changed to honor George Washington

1788, Clinton County was subtracted.
1791 the Town of Cambridge was reapportioned from Albany County to Washington County.
1813 Warren County was subtracted.
1994 the county seat of government was moved from Hudson Falls to Fort Edward.

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