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William Street, Johnstown NY

Johnstown Courthouse

Fulton County Courthouse built 1772

Drumm Residence Johnstown New York

Drumm Abode 1763 First School west of the Hudson

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Johnson Hall

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Johnstown Municipal Website

The municipality of Johnstown, New York is the center of government for Fulton Co. NY.  Population 8,825 at last count with an area of nearly five square miles.  The community was named for John Johnson by his father William Johnson an early resident and British major general.

Johnstown is within Johnstown Township located in the scenic Mohawk Valley with an area of approximately 71 square miles about 45 miles west of the State Capital Albany, NY. 

Founded in 1762 by Baronet William Johnstown as John's Town as a trading center in an area of NY State originally called Kingsborough  the village became a center of colonial commerc and real estate.  Upon his arrival from Ireland 1732 Johnson made his home in the area and formed close relationships with the indigenous tribes learning their language, culture, and customs.  As a result he was later appointed Superintendent of Indian Affairs and was instrumental in allying the Indian Nations to the British cause in the Indian Wars.

As compensation for his contributions, Johnson was granted vast tracts of land eventually totaling over 1,600 square kilometers in what is now Hamilton and Fulton Co.  In addition to agriculture his businesses included timber and grain mills.

Johnson was instrumental in gaining recognition for the area in the form of a charter from the British Governor Lord William Tryon after whom the original county was named.  The county courthouse built in 1772 still stands today.  Sir William Johnson died in 1774 before the Declaration of Independence signaled the colony's break from England.  
After the Revolution War, Tryon County became Montgomery Co. named after Gen. Richard Montgomery.  All of the Johnson property was seized by the NY State as a result of their Tory  affiliations.

Besides Sir William Johnson the city is also known as the birthplace of Woman's Suffrage activist Elizabeth Cady Stanton who worked with Susan B. Anthony and helped organize the first Women's Rights Convention in 1848, considered the birth of the Woman's Rights Movement.