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John Street Hoosick Falls New York Photographed In: Hoosick, NY . . . Description: John Street Hoosick Falls NY

Buskirk Covered Bridge Hoosick NY

Buskirk Covered Bridge Hoosick, NY Photographed In: Hoosick, New York . . . Description: Buskirk Covered Bridge Hoosick New York

Hoosick, Rensselaer County NY

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Queen Anne Victorian in Hoosick, NY

Hoosick NY Houses for Sale Photographed In: Hoosick, New York . . . Description: 4 bedrooms 2 with carriage barn

Colonial Home in Hoosick, NY

Hoosick NY Houses for Sale Photographed In: Hoosick, New York . . . Description: 4 Bedrooms 3 Baths Colonial

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Hoosick, New York has a total area of 63.2 square miles (164 km2), of which, 63.0 square miles (163 km2) of it is land and 0.1 square miles (0.26 km2) of it (0.21%) is water. The north town line is the boundary of Washington County, New York, and the east town line is the border of Vermont. The Hoosic River is an important waterway in the town and was named after it.

Hoosick Falls is a village of 63 square miles located 33 miles northeast of Albany, NY and 12 miles west of Bennington, Vermont. Many famous people have lived in Hoosick Falls in the past. Joseph Dorr was one of the founding fathers. He built many of the first buildings here. In 1852 a blacksmith named Walter A. Wood began manufacturing a reaper in Hoosick Falls. By the 1890s the Walter A. Wood Mowing & Reaping Company was the largest farm machinery manufacturer in the world, taking up 85 acres (340,000 m2) on the west bank of the river. in the 19th century Hoosick Falls was a boomtown hosting factories that made Paper, small numbers of Appliances, Parts, Glass, and some nominal Soda and Beer Bottling Plants. A large number of large Victorian homes were built during this period and are still standing today. This was also a regional center of Trade and Export. Local farmers and manufacturers would come to town to sell their goods and load them on rail cars bound for New York City or abroad. These goods consisted of manufacturers, grain, milk, livestock, construction materials (mostly slate and brick), paper & pulp, timber and beverages. Harriet Hoctor danced for Hollywood and on Broadway. Bob and Ray Eberle were Big Babd singers. Grandma Moses was a famous painter. She painted local scenes in a primitive style and only started painting at age 72. Her paintings were discovered in Hoosick Falls drug store in 1938. Chester Arthur, US President lived in Hoosick for a period of time


The town of Hoosick was organized in 1788, in Albany County, three years before the creation of Rensselaer County in 1791. The region was formerly the District of Hoosick (1772) and previous to that the Hoosick Patent (1688).

It is believed the first documented settlers came to Hoosick Falls on the Hoosic River, around 1746. Encyclopedia Americana reports the date of the first permanent settlement as 1688. The French drove the settlers out as most of the settlement was burned, but they returned and rebuilt after the French's Mustard War ended. Hoosick Falls was incorporated as a village in 1827.

The Battle of Bennington of the American Revolution was fought northeast of Hoosick, on a farm owned by John Green, in the community of Walloomsac.


The population of the town was 6,924 as of the 2010 census. There were 2,620 households. Ethnicity: 98% European, <2% African American, Asian, Native American, African, Hispanic or Latino, or other

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Hamlets in Hoosick, New York

  • Buskirk Located in the northwest corner of the town on Route 67. The Buskirk Covered Bridge and Brownell-Cornell-Gibbs Farmstead are listed on the National Register of Historic Places.
  • Eagle Bridge Located east of Buskirk on Route 67.
  • East Hoosick east of Hoosick Falls near the east town line.
  • Hoosick Junction Located northwest of Hoosick Falls.
  • North Hoosick (formerly "St. Croix") Located north of Hoosick Falls on Route 22..
  • Potterville Located in the southwest part of the town on Route 7
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Old Stone School House

Old Stone School House, Hoosick, NY Image In: Hoosick, New York . . . Description: One room school house built in 1842 by John Grant on land owned by the Tibbits Family located on the corner of Route 22 and 7 in the Town of Hoosick.

Estabrook Octagon House Hoosick, NY

Estabrook Octagon House Hoosick, New York Image of: Hoosick, New York . . . Description: Located at 8 River Street (NY 22) this historic octagonal house was built in 1853 by Ezra Robinson Estabrook. It was designed in accordance with the theories of Orson Squire Fowler, author of A Home for All.

Delaney Hotel North Hoosick, NY

Delaney Hotel North Hoosick, NY Photographed In: Hoosick, New York . . . Description: The Delaney Hotel, (also the North Hoosick Hotel and Hathaway Hotel) is a large Greek Revival-style building dating to the middle of the 19th century with some later Italianate decoration. Few alterations have been made, and it is a well-preserved example of vernacular interpretations of those styles in a rural building.

French and Indian Wars: Hoosick, NY

French and Indian Wars: Hoosick, New York Painted In by F.O.C. Dorley: Hoosick, New York . . . Description: The Hoosick Valley was the warpath along which the French and Indians traveled to attack the settlers of Colonial New York. In addition, it was also a section of the eastern trail over which the Iroquois and Algonquin tribes marched in a long series of aboriginal wars of before the arrival of European settlers.