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The rural community of Hamilton is a village situated in the township of Hamilton, Madison CO.  NY.  The population was over 4,000 as of the last census in 2010.

Geography and climate
Hamilton is nestled in the Chenango Valley below the source of the Chenango River, approximately 64 kilometers SW of Syracuse, NY and 48 kilometers S of Utica, 340 meters in elevation.  The community covers 2 1/2 sq. mi. of which 8% is water.
The main climate influence is snow, typically over 60 inches with an average over 80 inches as is typical of Central New York State due to moisture gathered over the Great Lakes and distributed along the Mohawk Valley.

The original inhabitants of the area were Native Americans of the Iroquois League with sacred areas of the Oneida Nation still revered   Following the American Revolution the area was ceded to New York State as a result of the tribe's alliance with the British
Samuel Payne, an early settler established a farm in the area that is now Colgate University.  Circa 1700 Payne's relatives also moved to the area establishing a community called Payne's Settlement where he built a tavern which later became the Park House Hotel and is now the Colgate Inn
Early businesses included grocers, blacksmiths, book stores, furniture and carriage makers, feed stores, stone quarries and lumber mills. In 1817, the Hamilton Recorder, was founded.  The Chenango Canal once passed through  the settlement next to what is now the Barge Canal Cafe, connecting  the Erie Canal, and the valley's farms with Eastern markets.  

The principal crop in the area was originally hops while today the area is best known for dairy .