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Colonial Sold February 2015 $398,000 4 Bedroom 3 Bath 2-Car Garage 2,708 square feet on 5 acres

Glens Falls Sold Home


Colonial Sold December 2014 $213,000 5 Bedroom, 2 Bath 1-car garage 1,988 Square Feet

Glens Falls Sold Home

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About Glens Falls

Glens Falls, New York is a City in southern Warren County. The population was 14,700 as of the 2000 census.

Demographics: There were 6,268 households as of the 2000 census. Ethnicity: 97% European Origin, less than 1% African American, less than 2% Asian, Native American, African, Hispanic or Latino, or other

South Glens Falls, New York is a village in northern Saratoga County across the Hudson River from Glens Falls

Demographics: There were 1,523 households as of the 2000 census. Ethnicity: 99% European Origin, less then 1% African American, Asian, Native American, Hispanic or Latino, or other


History: The first residents of the area that is now Glens Falls were the Iroquois Native Americans who called the locale Chepontuc meaning: difficult place to get around or great carrying place referring to the portage past the falls. The first Europeans called the area The CornersGlens Falls New York

The settlement saw several battles during the French and Indian War and later during the Revolutionary War when the hamlet was twice destroyed by fire.

Glens Falls French and Indian War

After the Revolutionary War ended in 1783 Quakers returned and named the hamlet Wing's Falls after their leader Abraham Wing.

Glens Falls Revolutionary War

Legend has it that Wing lost the right to the name either in a card game or as payment for a debt to Colonel Johannes Glen of Schenectady in 1788. Glen named the hamlet after himself either as Glen's Falls or Glenns Falls.

Glens Falls Feeder Canal

Around 1822 the Feeder Canal was constructed to bring water to the Champlain Canal and ten years later widened to allow canal boat traffic.

Above pictured is the Five Combines lock as it exists today. An engineering feat of the day the locks were needed to accommodate the 55 ft. elevation.

In its entirety the Champlain Canal and Erie Canal systems provided access to the great American Heartland and brought prosperity to the region through commerce while the abundant hydroelectric sites brought plentiful power for industry.

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