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Town of Florida

History: Missionaries first contacted the area Native Americans of the Kanien'gehaga Nation in the mid 1600's. Their efforts to convert them to Christianity met with little success. As a result their residences was repeatedly attacked by Canadian military forces.

In the early 1700's traders from the Netherlands followed by other Europeans  established ties through the forts of Albany and Schenectady.
Throughout the century conflicts developed between the French in Canada, the English, and the new nation of these United States.
In 1710 the English built Fort Hunter, near Lake George.  The village bears the name to this day.
The renown Sir W. Johnson was an early resident of the town and established relationships with the native tribes and was later appointed Superintendent of Indian Affairs by the British Crown and was later made a baronet.
However, because of his long-standing relationship with the tribes Johnson convinced  the Mohawk and Iroquois to side with the British in the Revolutionary War.  The subsequent defeat of the British left the tribes without favor in the new nation and later ceded the majority of their lands to the State of New York.    

The town was chartered in the early 1700's by immigrants and named for the anniversary of the discovery of Florida, that became the state, by Ponce de Leon.  Florida and Charleston split the original "Mohawk Village" which ceased to exist.
The Erie Canal in the 1800's became a boon to transportation and the growth of the communities that it traversed.  Port Jackson became was added to the Municipality of Amsterdam, New York