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Columbia County Courthouse

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Columbia County, NY


Columbia County, is located in eastern New York on the western bank of the Hudson River just southeast of Albany, NY with a population of 63,000 ( 2010 census)covering an area of 648 sq. mi.  As of the 2000 census there were 24,799 homes at a population density of 48 persons per sq. mi.  The ethnic diversity origins are: 92% European, 4 1/2% African, <1% American, <1% Asian, 2 1/2% Hispanic.  The average household income was $41,950.



Historic Columbia County

Old Red Bridge Chatham, NY

Old Red Bridge Chatham, New York circa 1900 perhaps built in the 1860's


Husted House Columbia County NY

Husted House Olde Chatham, NY

History: In 1609 Henry Hudson became the first European to land on the shores of what is now Columbia County which was inhabited by the Mohican Indians.
In 1649 real estate near Claverack was purchased for Dutch settlers to make their homes.  in 1710 1,200 Germans were brought to the area now called Germantown to make tar from the pitch pines in the region.
Columbia County was incorporated in 1786 from the vast lands of Albany County.  In 1799 the southern boundary was extended to include portions of Livingston Manor then located in Dutchess County.
In the 1800's the Vermont Central Railroad was built to link Chatham, New York to Rutland, Vermont and Burlington, Vermont

Halve Maen (Half Moon) Hudson River


Halve Maen (Half Moon) Henry Hudson's ship landing at Columbia County


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