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Averill Park, Rensselaer County NY

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Averill Park, New York is a hamlet in the Town of Sand Lake, Rensselaer County, NY just south of the centre of the county. It is bounded on the north by the Town of Poestenkill, on the east by the Town of Berlin, on the south by the Towns of Nassau and Schodack and on the west by the Towns of East Greenbush and North Greenbush.

The Town of Sand Lake was created from the Towns of Greenbush and Berlin June 19, 1812. In 1843 a part of Greenbush was removed. In 1848 the northern half was subtracted to form the Town of Poestenkill.

In May 31, 1880 postmaster Albert Horton named the new post office United States Post Office Averill New York in honor of the Averill Family. Park referred to the Averill Park Hotel built by Horatio Averill in 1875

The first inhabitants of the area that would become Averill Park were the Mohican and Schaghticoke Native Americans. They fished the streams, hunted the lush forests and planted maze (corn), beans, and squash. Although no remains of their settlements exist, arrow heads can be found in the streams, fields, and meadows.

In 1629, Kilean Van Rensselaer established the feudal manor of Rensselaerwyck which included what would become the Town of Sand Lake.

The first European settlers in the area were Dutch farmers as early as 1765. By 1767 there were two families known: the Adams and Brett (or Bradt) families.

A few years later the families of Abram Bristol, Ephraim Quimby, Andrew Weatherwax (Andreas Wederwax), Philip Carpenter, Philip Gardner, Abram Frere, Jacob Fellows, Nicholas Fellows and Zachariah Fellows built homes and farms. The first hotel in that area was owned by Nicholas Fellows.

In 1768 William Carpenter and Joshua Lockwood built the first grist mill at West Sand Lake (Averill Park) employing the water power of the areas abundant stream and rivers. Thomas Thompson built a saw mill and forge on the Wynants Kill creek. Solomon Taylor operated a saw mill.

The first doctor of record as Uriah M. Gregory. Daniel M. Gregory manufactured glass. Eben Gregory was a shoemaker and tanner. A man named Stone was also a shoemaker and tanner, and located nearby about the same time. Several other early inhabitants were engaged in glass making at a very early period. The Averill family, for whom the hamlet was named, were also among the early settlers in the western portion of Sand Lake.

Probably the first taverns in town was kept by Nicholas Fellows and Barnhardt Uline at or very near the present site of Averill Park (West Sand Lake). Thomas Thompson built a popular resort where stage couches stopped. About 1820 Clement Sliter built a hotel at Sliter's Corners About the same time John Bowers built a hotel at the hamlet of Glass House. About 1840 John Miller built a hotel at South Sand Lake. Lewis Bullock a hotel on the old "Bullock place" as early as 1800.

In 1795 Solomon Taylor opened the first store followed by Thomas and Calvin Thompson, Stephen Gregory, Daniel M. Gregory, Franklin Averill and William.

In 1847 Andrew J. Smart's built a paper mill and Clement Sipperly built a cloth dressing establishment. In 1865 a hosiery mill was built by John H. Akin and John Mc-Laren.

In the Revolution War 103 of the men of Sand Lake fought for the new nation.

Averill Park, formerly West Sand Lake, is really an independent and comparatively new hamlet located within a short distance of the original West Sand Lake, In 1895 the Troy and New England railroad came to Averill Park making it a vacation and weekend destination from the residents of Albany, Schenectady, Troy and Rensselaer City, a distinction it holds to this day.


The population was 1,694 as of the 2010 census. There were 571 households. Ethnicity: 97% European, 6% African American, 4% Asian, 7% Native American, African, Hispanic or Latino, or other

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Hamlets in Sand Lake

  • West Sand Lake Located west of Averill Park originally called Ulinesville in honor of Barnhardt Uline, the first settler.
  • Sliter's Corners Located just east of Sand Lake village
  • South Sand Lake Located in the southern part of the town.
  • Glass House Located a short distance southeast of Sliter's Corners.
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Native American Village

Native American Village Image In: Averill Park, New York . . . Description: The area was the home of the Mohican and Schaghticoke Native American Tribes

Grist Mill Averill Park, NY

Grist Mill Image of: Averill Park, New York . . . Description: In 1768 William Carpenter and Joshua Lockwood built the first grist mill.

Glass House Village circa 1866 Averill Park, NY

Glass House Sand Lake NY Painted In by Joseph Hidley: Averill Park, New York . . . Description: Glass House was the site of several glass manufacturing mills.

Averill Park Hotel

Averill Park Hotel Photographed In: Averill Park, New York . . . Description: In 1875 Horatio Averill re-purposed the Scram Collegiate Institute into a hotel which later became the name of the hamlet after the post office was named Averill New York Post Office

Faith Mills Averill Park, NY

Averill Park NY Faith Mills Photographed In: Averill Park, New York . . . Description: Faith Mills founded by Peter McCarthy 1897

Main Street Averill Park, NY

Averill Park NY Main Street Photographed In: Averill Park, New York . . . Description: Main Street Routes 43 & 66